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The only 1% Listing Broker on Lake Sinclair


·        Apples to Apples, Why Pay More?


You wouldn't pay more than you had to for gasoline, groceries, or insurance, would you? Then why, on one of the largest financial transactions in a lifetime are some sellers willing to shell out more than they have to in commissions upon the sale of their Lake Sinclair Property?


  • About Real Estate Commissions

While there is no 'standard' rate of commission on Lake Sinclair real estate (all brokerages are free to set their own rates), a common rate in our area is known as 'six and three,' referring to 6% total commission:  3% to listing broker & 3% to selling broker. With today's skyrocketing house prices, we believe this is unfair to the Seller. We provide the same services as the other brokerages, including full MLS service, advertising, digital photography, Internet marketing, brochures, realty signs, info boxes, and more. The selling agent is still the most important link to finalizing your sale and he or she earns their commission, but simply listing a property does not produce a sale. Our rate is 1% to listing broker & 3% to selling broker; putting more money in your pocket at closing and still compensating the agent who makes the sale.


·        Our Philosophy


It’s important to us that we share with you why we have chosen to do business this way.  Do you know that commission fees are usually fully paid by the home seller? Don’t you think this is a high price to pay? We do, but this tends to be “common” practice within the real estate community!  At Sinclair Properties LLC. we believe that just because this is how things have always been done doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do business. Today most buyers of Georgia Lake front property shop first on the Internet, and Internet marketing costs a fraction of traditional newspaper and magazine advertising.  In 2005, over 90% of my home sales began with buyers searching the Internet, and with good reason:  up to 30 full color photos of each property, maps and driving directions, and detailed information about the home and property.  We choose to pass this savings to the seller by reducing the listing commission to 1%. It can also give you more room to negotiate and that means a faster sale.


·        What it Means at the Closing


Selling Price                Common 6%         Sinclair Properties LLC.         Additional Money

                                   Commission              4% Commission                 to Seller at Closing

$200,000                      $ 12,000                      $   8,000                             $ 4,000

$400,000                      $ 24,000                      $ 16,000                              $ 8,000

$600,000                    $ 36,000                    $ 24,000                            $12,000


·        Selling Advantage


Above and beyond our competitors:


1) Listing on - 86,000 page views May-September, 2008 Builders - Pay only 1% total commission if you bring the buyer

3) Comparable Market Analysis + Competitive Properties Anaysis + Lower Commision

4) Customized "For Sale" signs at the street and lakeside with Address and Price to make it easy for buyers to get the information they want

6) 90 Day listings - We don't need 6 months or a year to prove our value


·        Let's Get Started....not on a listing, but a marketing campaign, a Selling Advantage


Call us today, 478 251 0569

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